Thursday, 6 January 2011

Last night over a foot of snow was dumped on us- thankfully I don't have to go to school today (as they double booked my classroom)I attempted to take the train into oslo this morning but the knee high snow was too tiring to wade through so I gave up and came home (taking a few pics of my street along the way!) so Im hanging out on the sofa practising my verbs now(having calmed down from my little meltdown last night!
p.s Forgot to pencil in my eyebrows this morning so Im looking rather alien like in above pic! ugh!


  1. Hello Lisa,
    I undrstand you very well when you find Norwegian difficult. Norwegian IS a very difficult language. I know, I have been teaching languages for 30 years (Spanish, French, English, German dand Norwegian)- private. Otherwise I spweak 9 myself. A lot depends on the teacher, though, and big classes are no good.
    You should start to speak Norwegian with Henrik - aand watch TV!
    Don´t give up! all the best from Janecke (Henrik´s aunt)

  2. Hi again Lisa,
    Very nice to see winterpictures from Norway. I have forgotten how winter is, after 43 years abroad (41 on the Canary Islands). Here we have had summer until now, with approx 26 - 27 C+. Sun without a cloud in the sky. Yesterday I had a super day on the beach. Anyway, all your pictures are VERY nice. I am also a very keen photographer,
    but very few winterpictures from me!!
    All the best

  3. Hei Janecke!
    Wow! I had no idea you spoke so many languages! Im impressed! So far Im very happy with the teacher although you does have a Bergen accent which means lots of rolling of the r's which I cannot do! The class has 12 students so I think that is quite a good number. Im sure things will improve soon and yes, henrik does talk to me in Norwegian and I read the subtitles when watching TV (most tv here in English!) and try to compare the words. Happy new year to you!

  4. Blimey! Now that is a whole new level of snow! I hope you're coping! I'm really enjoying your reports/pictures from Norway! It must be such a huge transition from London life, but you seem to be doing really well...despite the obvious homesickness etc. Happy New Year too...I hope this year is great for you, and you really start to feel at home. And that you master that Norwegian! I'm so impressed! Well done :-)

  5. Hi Kerry- Thank you for your nice comments! yes, it's a huge transition from London life (although I was ready to leave London after spending 18 years there...) and quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever undergone in my life so far! It's fun discovering a whole new country, strange people and mad weather!

  6. WOWZERS... what beautiful pictures of the snow!! ENVIOUS.