Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I admire each and everyone of you that speaks a language other than your mother tongue.
Three days into my Norwegian course and already Im tearful and feeling inadequate. I have really enjoyed the course so far it's just the thought of the long road ahead of me that is sooooo daunting.
Right now, I just want to go home (and speak English)


  1. The moments of feeling inadequat are normal and come and go. At least you are making the effort of learning!
    The problem is normally just the geeks in class who always seem to know everything ;-)

  2. and I admire you for learning another language...

  3. When I learnt Spanish in the Dominican Republic, I ended up feeling the same way. Then I changed teachers and style of teaching. I loved it and made a life long friend.

    Good Luck. xx

  4. Kom igjen, Lisa!

    It took me about 8 years after my first Norwegian class to finally be able to speak it comfortably. But finally realizing that you're fluent in another language is perhaps one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. But it's true; being able to go home and speak English after a long day of Norwegian is SUCH a good feeling.

    Keep it up, it'll pay off.

  5. find some local girlfriends..that really helps

  6. I know, I know, I know. The thought of the long road ahead is sooooo daunting! I try not to think about, and just focus on one day at a time, and know that "it's my third day of class--I'm SUPPOSED to feel inadequate!"

    Hang in there! You are NOT alone!

  7. Wow!
    My first language is french (so sorry if I make mistakes...) and we have, i think, 4 different accents.
    You know, when it your language, it's fine...

    When I see nordic language written I always wonder what all those little dots above the letters mean... And when I hear it talk, it makes no sense to me. I think it's really interesting! I really like to learn neaw languages.

    All that to say that even if now you feel the way you do about it I'm sure that some day you'll realise how lucky you are to have that in your culture. I really feel that it's a richness. And I hope you'll get through it and learn to love it!

    Have a great year!

  8. i've got a headache just looking at that. i'm ok with the latin languages, but this? it's all greek to me. (boom boom). x

  9. Thank you ladies for all your nice comments! I WILL get there eventually!

  10. You just hang in there! And remember, when you know norwegian, you'll be able o read danish and sweedish as well!

    Du skal bare blive ved! Og Husk, når du kan norsk, så vil du være i stand til også at læse dansk og svensk.

    Kh Liv (from Denmark)

  11. You know, it's easy to pick up several languages when you're a kid and attend an international school... But what I really admire is adults who works their ass off to learn a new language ! So please don't feel inadequate. You'll get the hang of it!