Friday, 7 January 2011

This morning

The snow has stopped and it's warm and cozy inside. Did I ever mention how warm our flat is? I am very impressed with Norwegian heating and insulation. We don't have a single draught with any doors or windows and after living in draughty Victorian London houses this is heaven!
I had a very quick trip to Ikea yesterday because, despite the snow I needed to check out their sale and I'm glad I did cause I found a half price VILMIE throw that I've had my eye on for a while.


  1. Ohh!! I love that Ikea birdie-tray soooo much! I didn't buy it the first time i saw it in the shop, and been regretting it ever since cause now they don't have it anymore in Belgium!!
    Love your blog with the beautiful pics!

  2. Your home is so lovely.
    I really love that tray with the birds from Ikea.
    Did you get that on sale as well, or did you have it allready? The times I've been to Ikea, it's been sold out. Hrmphf.


  3. Thank you ladies! The tray was bought over a year ago and they sold out soooo quickly. I have seen them on e-bay though!

  4. yummy, boiled egg and soldiers!! Love your throw and the outdoor image is stunning.

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Nice to hear from you. You are right, Norwegian homes are warm and nice in the winter. but I am glad I DO NOT NEED heating - saves a lot of money! You should not try to roll on the r - that is a dialect. Keep to the r Henrik has.
    It would have been an advantage to be from Scotland - they have´a good r. But at least the Norwegian verbs are even easier than the English verbs(encouraging??), but the rest is a bit worse - but I have known some English people who have learned Norwegian very well.
    By the way, The Spanish people think English is something IMPOSSIBLE!!
    Regards to both of you

  6. I have that tray! The throw is great and I love your cushion too. Great blog.