Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Last night

Just to carry on my theme of moaning about Norway I'd also like to mention that the food here is
way too salty for my tastes so more than ever I'm making everything from scratch. Did you also know that Norway is on average 38% more expensive than England (and in a lot of cases 100% pricier)
Last night I made delicious sweet potato falafels from here with flat bread and humous. Yum


  1. Wow, it looks so delicious!
    Boasting with color and vitamins, just what you want to eat in these dark and cold days...
    I think I'll mimick your dinner tonight!

    - Ida

  2. I read your post yesterday about the lack of manners and was going to leave a comment about how I found that to be the case in Paris. Maybe it's a capital city thing yet I don't think London is like that, or is it? If you are a tourist? I have been to Oslo on holiday and was blown away by how expensive things were but I truly loved it there. I also think I am becoming a bit of a stalker on here. I gaze longingly at your pictures of Norway every day. Sorry about that!!

  3. wow!!! it looks so yummy!!!
    i'm hungry now!

  4. I think a lot of countries where they are big on pickling (as they are used to salt as a preservative, ie salt cod) have v. salty food, as are hot countries were water not safe. xx

  5. I've made the Leon version and they came out exactly as they are at the restaurant... love sweet potato falafel.