Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Three things I really think I need to see me through the winter.
I have never experienced cold like this. Bone chilling,bitter, sub zero hell!!
All for too expensive for someone who has not worked since July but I can dream!
Boots here Coat here Hat here


  1. Gorgeous clothes for freezing temps. I'm visiting friends in Kristiansand this month and wish I could afford a splurge!

  2. Those Canada Goose parks are the best! I've had one for 4 winters now and I love it. Great hat and boots too!

  3. Hit the shops with your credit card. Not worth suffering for. It will last you years. I am looking for a parka like that is nearly full length (none in the UK). Any ideas? xx

  4. I would invest in the jacket, definitely.
    I've also bought 2 pairs of those wool long underwear tanktop/camisole things that are sold at the grocery store? Pierre something or another. Those are a nice extra layer. But I highly recommend a warm jacket that covers your ass. You'll wear it for years.