Monday, 8 October 2012

So-long cottage

Autumn is well and truly here with some mornings a chilly -3c which is just too cold to be staying at the cottage, so on Sunday we closed up for the season. I always feel a bit sad when we do this esp as we had a crappy summer weather wise so did not get as much use out of the cottage this year. Oh well, only 7 months til its warm enough to return (that seems sooooo long.Damn nordic winter!)
We spent our last weekend there under many blankets,wearing thick socks and eating tomato soup and apple muffins. Time to embrace winter. We will travel to Gøteborg at the end of the week for a little break and to stock up on new winter gear. Any Gøteborg tips are welcome!


  1. I have been in Gothenburg for 6 weeks,still exploring but can reccomend a few things!Perhaps you have already seen them :) if not: Haga- there are nice coffee shops,they sell delicious pastries & food and there are some cute shops as well. Around the corner from Haga,on Rosenlundsgatan: 'fish church'Feskekorka,fresh fish market,there is a restaurant too-worth trying if you like seafood (food to die for!). If you like interior magazines,visit Bokia (one is located at Nordstan shopping centre,another on Aveny,beside Lindex) they have a very good choice of magazines. Enjoy Gothenburg! Magda

    1. Hi Magda,
      Thanks for your suggestions! I went to Bokia and the "fish church" and had a wander around Haga (went there to buy shoes but the shop closed at 3pm- on a Saturday!!!)
      How are you enjoying Gøteborg? I hope you are not missing your man and dog too much!