Sunday, 2 September 2012

The weekend

This weekend was half spent at the cottage, and half at home. The cottage is getting a wee bit chilly now at night but we are hoping to be able to visit throughout September as I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer yet- sob!
Fleamarket season started up and as well as visiting many this weekend we have also been travelling around finding nice neighbourhoods we think we would like to live in as we are hoping to put down some real roots here soon and buy a house. Even though the jury is out on whether we will stay in Norway we still feel we should buy something soon.....
We have now been living here exactly 2 years. I'm still adjusting to this country and I don't know if I'll ever love Norway, but for now I'll keep on trying :)


  1. Norway looks beautiful. Reminds me of Denmark and each time we visit I think how nice it would be to live there, but the tax would drive my husband insane and for me, it's not multicultural enough even though the people are super friendly (except for the bogan Danes we did encounter on a train).

  2. It will be 2 years for me soon too. And i exactly feel like you. I like it, really, i mean lots of frustration of course; but always have a feeling that i do not belong here.

  3. Well I really enjoy seeing Norway through your eyes while you are living there! That cottage looks like it is in the perfect spot!

  4. Ditto the above- it looks like paradise to me, but photos and actually LIVING somewhere are two different things. When I tell people we live in London they think it's fabulous, but we hate it!

    We've also been having the "roots" talk around here, but we don't even know where to call home's tricky indeed!

  5. so nice to look back at your sunny summer posts:-) Copenhagen is freezing!
    Two years already?! It seems like not long ago - hang in there :-)

  6. hi Wisa. Lost contact. Give a call. Love to speak. Miss you. Julie Wood x