Friday, 4 May 2012

This week

1. Sweets on Wednesday. A bit controversial here in Norway to eat sweets on Wednesdays as people here eat sweets on a Saturday (Lordags godteri)
2. An early dip in some very cold water. Glorious weather this week here but now it's back to drizzling rain in time for the weekend...
3. Cheese puffs on Monday. Again a bit controversial as norwegians tend to have crisps on Friday nights as we are encouraged to "Kose oss" (enjoy ourselves) but I'm British so I ignore these "rules"
4. A coffee which I drank this afternoon. Coffee is allowed all day,every day. Did you know that norwegians are the 2nd biggest coffee drinkers in the world after Sweden? Although I'm also breaking rules here as I drink Lavazza and not Evergood (the coffee of choice here)
5. Evan Dando of The Lemonheads. My teenage crush who left me crushed when we saw them in Oslo last night as he was totally off his tits on god knows what. In my 20's I followed The Lemonheads everywhere and thought Evan Dando was the most beautiful man on the planet. So sad to see him this way, churning out their set as fast as possible to get it over with and almost falling asleep on stage. Oh Evan.....
Have a great weekend folks!


  1. So many funny rules! You do make me laugh with all your Norway observations.
    I felt the same when i lived in Sweden!
    Looks like you are having good weather, so enjoy!

  2. Such funny rules! You make me laugh with your Norway observations! I felt the same when I lived in Sweden ;)

  3. Your blog is fab, such beautiful photos. We went to see Evan Dando recently too and had similar feelings of disappointment which is a shame, he did all the old songs (which still sounded good) but did seem to be churning them out as quickly as possible without engaging with the audience at all, he seemed very distant. Quite sad. I loved him as a teenager too! Still got a lovely head of hair though!

  4. I love this insight into the 'rules' of Norweigan living. I too had a major crush on Evan Dando - My kids (5 and 7 yo) sing The Outdoor Type at the tops of their voices now on roadtrips.

    As for the fleamarket finds: *sigh* I have no words.