Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hello May

It's been the perfect first day of May. A relaxing time at the cottage,ice cream dipped in chocolate powder,a little road trip to the beach, magazines and a fried breakfast. Even better was the blue,cloud free skies and 18c. Much needed.


  1. Hey Lisa. . .
    I'm coming to Oslo (alone) Saturday 12. May to take the dreaded "muntlig" Bergenstest at 1pm. Are you by chance free to meet for dinner somewhere in Oslo?

    Oh. . . just realized you will likely be headed off to the cottage for the weekend. No worries if that's the case. Just thought I'd give it a try!


  2. Emily- I would love to meet up with you but it is my birthday the day before and seeing as I'm working that day we are going to celebrate on the 12th instead.
    If we were at the cottage meeting is not a problem as we are only 45 mins from oslo anyway...
    Next time you are here we will meet or maybe I need a day trip to Lillehammer as I'm quite keen to see your city!
    Good luck with your exam- you clever lady!

  3. what a lovely 1. mai :-)