Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Udi 0-lisa 1

After a very stressful week things are back to normal. The Udi have well and truly fucked up as far as my case is concerned, they still have not fixed things but things are less uncertain now.
After Sunday's article came out (along with a follow up on Monday) the Udi went into crisis mode making excuses in the press and in a TV debate. They apologized in the press but I'd rather like a letter.It was all pretty exciting. As an organization they are an absolute joke (I'm afraid to say that I fear Norway is an absolute joke also, in so many ways)
I have now been contacted and told that I'm entitled to stay in Norway (I always thought this was the case) no matter how much Henrik earned in 2010. We were badly advised when I first registered here and we never should have applied for family reunification in the first place. Here's an idea, Udi, when I applied why not write back to me and tell me that I'm applying for the wrong thing? Just a thought? Could have saved us all a lot of trouble.
I now,after 16 months will finally have a personal number rather than a temp number and being from the EU means I'm allowed to live/work/whatever as long as I'm not draining Norway of resources. This is what I always thought was the case. 16 months of fannying about for nothing.
The sad thing is that there are too many people in Norway being ripped apart because of the Udi. We are the lucky ones. During this process of uncertainty I had to think about packing up and us heading back to England and I must admit I did not like the idea at all. Norway is the oddest place I have ever lived, I don't quite fit in (and I never will!) and there are soooo many things here that make me want to pull my hair out/punch someone but it's become my home. I love my job, I can speak this strange language pretty well and there is just something about this strange land that I'm not ready to leave.....


  1. I'm glad things have straightened themselves out, or kind of, in a half-assed kind of way?

    I saw Monday's article, and used it under my paint can while I painted our kitchen cupboards, so you were on my mind most of the night!

    Hope we can meet up some time!

  2. Happy to read good news!
    I went also thru similar thing with police station. I have all - personal number, bank account, I worked here, had my practice from NAV and still I cannot be legal here... until I'll get the job for more than 6 months contract. Insane.
    It's exactly Kafka's way...
    Anyway, happy for you!

  3. I'm glad things are getting sorted out for you, It's a horrible feeling - being unsettled.

  4. Happy you got your visa Lisa. Shame about what you had to go thru until you got it.

    You know, when you write your feelings about Norway as an immigrant- it is spot on what I feel. It makes me feel I'm not alone.
    Thank you! :)

  5. Congratulations for taking action and sorting it out. It must be a relief foryou both. :)

  6. So glad things are looking better. How ridiculous, typical 'computer says no' approach.

    Best of luck!

  7. Emily- Yes, it is very half arsed! I'm glad I kept you company whilst you painted! and yes, we must meet up at some point, we have both been through to much of the same crap here in Norway to not meet up and have a good old chat/moan etc!

    May- I'm pleased I'm not the only one feeling this way! I feel like such a negative moaner sometimes!

    Babka- Good luck with everything!

  8. What a relief that it worked out in the end!