Monday, 30 January 2012

A new week

We had a very nice relaxing weekend with all the udi stuff behind us (I'll enjoy it whilst it lasts because I know it won't be long before Norway pisses me off again!)
We wandered round Oslo, ate a nice lunch in a very nice cafe,had leisurely breakfasts and long lie ins. We watched the wonderful "The Killing" even though the danish is very distracting for me as now I can speak norwegian the danish language sounds like a norwegian who is drunk with a potato stuck in their throat! (no offence intended to all my lovely danish readers!) I can read danish but cannot understand it at all when I hear it (and I'm a little disappointed as I thought I was getting 3 languages for the price of one when I started learning norwegian!)
We are almost in February now and I'm not quite sure where January went....


  1. Well done on the UDI business! Looks like bringing it to the media worked. I SO hope Norway doesn't piss you off again too soon... Maybe it's a small comfort to know that soon it will be spring and loppemarked season? :-)