Monday, 14 November 2011

Happy Monday

I woke up today and we have internet (we have been piggybacking off our landlords wi-fi, with permission and payment for the last 15 months but something changed and the signal stopped reaching down to our flat) Today it's on. Good, I missed it!
I switched my camera on yesterday and after 9 months of not working it came on and worked perfectly. Hmmmmm. What's going on? Am I having a bit of good luck? Job? yep! Internet? yes! camera working? ja!
Happy Monday indeed!
(Fathers day here yesterday and we treated Henriks folks to a seafood bonanza. It was delicious)


  1. Lucky indeed. The feast looks delicious and almost Christmas-sy!

  2. So happy that things are back on track for you Lisa! :) Will miss you a lot at school for sure... *sniff*