Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A catch up

We are still internet-less at home which is very irritating (there is only so much you can do on a small iphone screen..) so I'm now sitting in the library as I need to see things on a bigger screen!
So, whats been going on lately?
*Today was my last day on the norwegian course. I have finished 5 weeks early as, wait for it..... I have a job!!!! I shall begin working (for real money!) next week at the barnehage where I have been taking my språkpraksis. I am thrilled to be working there as it's such a nice place and everyone is so friendly! Result!
* After 15 months I have still not been granted family reunification, I'm still waiting to hear, only now it does not matter so much as by having a job I will finally be in the system here. It's been pretty scary to not really exist all this time, but now I'm a real person! woo hoo!
* We had a car crash the other week when a young boy came crashing into the back of the car, knocking off my super expensive new norwegian number plate! (I managed to salvage my most expensive purchase ever!)
*My english speaking is becoming bastardized by the norwegian language and I often find myself constructing an english sentence in a norwegian way (but strangely enough not the other way round, I'm still constructing a norwegian sentence in an english way.....ugh)
*It has been unseasonably warm for november and I'm hoping for a milder winter than last years shocker......
and Canal Digital if you are reading, please sort out our internet soon!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting, well done you! Such an achievement learning a new language and landing yourself a job!

  2. Oh, congratulations!
    Very very jealous, but very happy for you!

    And I also construct English sentences in a Norwegian way!

  3. good to hear to are finally a real person. blimey, no internet. iphone/ipod/ipad blogging is NOT fun! x

  4. I love the bridge picture. Fab. Congratulations on your job. Glad it's going well and that you are being paid so handsomely. Enjoy the winter wollies. xx