Sunday, 18 September 2011

The weekend

We have had a lovely weekend. Friday night we celebrated Henrik's 36th birthday with our friends, Saturday we visited three fleamarkets, picked apples & plums and today we took a trip to Sweden and now I've just finished my norwegian homework (the least favourite bit of the weekend) Autumn is certainly here and I'm trying to embrace it but I'm still not ready to give in and get all our winter gear out of storage. The idea of the long winter we have ahead is too awful to even think about!!
(top 3 pics by Vindhya)


  1. great pics! don't get your winter things out of storage. pretend it's not happening. can't handle seeing any more pictures of your iphone showing -20. brrrrr. x

  2. Gratulerer to Henrik!
    Sounds like a great weekend to me :)