Thursday, 15 September 2011

A catch up

I've been a bad blogger lately but I seem to have no time to take pictures. So, whats been happening around here lately?
*My British car is now norwegian. My British plates have gone and I'm now sporting Norsk plates. It cost us a bloody fortune (47,000kr = £5327) but it's worth it to me as our car has low mileage and I know its history. The same car here would cost me 80,000kr. Norway is a money sucking vampire! I now don't have to hide from the police and Statens vegvesen so I'm less stressed!
*School is hard and I have days when I really feel as though I will never understand this damn language (and some days I really hate how norwegian sounds)
*We babysat our friends husky at the weekend and learned that you cannot walk huskies enough. They just recharge and are ready to go again half an hour after a 3 hour long walk....
*Fleamarket season is in full swing and I've been finding some amazing stuff. Surely my lucky fleamarket run is about to come to an end soon?
*I've been down with a stinking cold all week after never being ill for the whole time we have been in Norway. I was proud of the whole year cold free!
* In a weeks time I shall begin språkpraksis (language practice) at a barnehage (kindergarten)
To say I'm nervous would be an understatement. I have not worked with children for over a year now plus I'm gonna have to speak norwegian! God help me!


  1. THAT'S a BIG dog!! Haha, so cute looking out.

    And lovely Clupeabowl!

    Have a nice weekend :)

  2. And good luck with the kids and norskpratinga ;)

    You'll do great!

  3. OMG! That dog is hysterical!! HUGE!

    Good luck with the praksis! I'm jealous you're getting such an experience! (I would be nervous too. I have a hard time even chatting with the kids at greta's barnehage, even though I know I can).

    We started with a new book (Det går bra) and the first chapter was very encouraging--it simply recognized how hard it is to learn a language, and reminded "us" not to be so hard on ourselves. There was something very reassuring hearing that come from a book!

  4. The sugar bowl with the fish print is absolutely gorgeous! wow!

    Good luck to you with your studies and barnehagen! (I read the reply you wrote me after I asked you about your studies, sorry I didn't have time to reply you.)

  5. That's one tall dog! ; ) Love your blog. I will be checking it out regularly.
    Much luck in your new endeavors!

  6. 1) Awesome potholder collection
    2) That's the loooongest dog. Ever.
    3) Barnehage will be FINE. I promise. You might even like it! Check hang out with the littlest ones and curse at the older ones under your breath if they make fun of your Norwegian.

  7. I love the picture of the dog standing looking out of the door! It makes me think of the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood! He just needs a lacy hat and some specs :)

    I really enjoy reading your blog and can't wait to see more of your flea market finds.