Wednesday, 17 August 2011


We have been in Wales & Liverpool visiting my mum and stepdad. I had no idea Wales was so pretty and filled with so many castles. Henrik is a total castle boffin (history in general, and of course he loves Tanks!) so we spent many hours at Conwy Castle (as long as there is a shop and a cafe I'm pretty happy to be dragged around these places!) Tomorrow we will take our last little trip of my summer holiday to Denmark (and maybe visit a castle?) before I'm back to norwegian classes on Monday. It's been a great summer....


  1. Great atmospheric pics! I think I have been to that castle...if I remember right it was the one with the uphill walk which made me tired ;-)

  2. but what kind of shops? ones with pencils and mugs with the castle on. there'd better be good cake ;) x

  3. Love your photography style.
    Did you go on those cable cars?

  4. Francesca- you make me laugh! Yes, shops with pencils and mugs! There are sometimes some little treasures found in those shops (and when you live in a super expensive country like Norway any cheap shop is good!) There was good cake- apple and pecan with cinnamon!

    May-No, we didn't go on the cable car cause my mum was too chicken! Next time!