Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The weather is perfect (for me) in Oslo right now. Sunny but not too hot (between 18c-21c)
I'm in the process of registering my British car to make it legitimate here in Norway (which will cost me more than I paid for the car in the first place!) and yesterday I passed the first hurdle by passing the EU control test (British MOT) with flying colours. I'm expecting the process to take a while, as everything in Norway takes aaaaaages (I blame it on very short working days and the fact that I'm going through this process in the sleepy holiday month of July)


  1. Oh oh, where did you take the first photo? Looks great and tasty! I always fail to find nice places :/

    Did you try to have your husband taking care of stuff? Before, whenever Ihadtodo something government-related, it would take ages too. Until I gave up and told the husband to talk to them (in norsk) and since then everything went fast.

  2. Hi May, yes I hear you, I have spent 10 months failing to find any good cafes but this one is a goody! It is the ÅpentBakeri on Parkeveien in Majorstua (quite possible spelled all of that incorrectly!)
    As for as UDI are concerned we have tried everything, including Henrik and lawyers! We think its because Henrik was out of Norway for 10 years and therefore not paying taxes and is now being punished!!

  3. I know this Åpent bakery :) I did not know they have coffee frosties/frapuchino. Eventually I figured that the cafe chains such as United Bakeries, Baker Hansen and Åpent bakery are the best...

    And thats not very welcoming of the government to give you hard time! But you know the norwegians- very very patriotic, it might have touched a soft spot ;)
    Good luck, I hope all will go well and fast soon! :)