Monday, 18 July 2011


The weather has been amazing recently so there have been many bike rides, picnics and lots of swimming. I'm enjoying the summer so much (but in the back of my mind is the dread of the winter which will be upon us very soon! argh!)
Pics are from Bogstad with our friends T&V (and the kayak) where we had a BBQ which included bananas with chocolate (amazing dessert which you need to try!) We swam in the lake which tasted of a nasty mixture of poo,rust and bad eggs! Uck! I prefer fjord swimming!


  1. oh dear winter eeekks! your summer images are so lovely. Love the lake shots! i am moving to Melbourne from the sunny state of qld so will soon be experiencing boots & scarves...but not quite like your winter. Hope you are happy & well.

  2. Saturday was glorious! Looks like great time and tasty food :)

    And hey, winter is not that soon, it starts in December. But before it there's November- I hate that month here in Norge.

  3. Hi! What a Nice blog. I like to read what you Think about Norway and out language. And I like Your pictures. Your cabin looks do cozy. About Bogstad, I remember it like that to. Including the poo then, and some swans or goose?
    Have a Nice summer. I Will enjoy some more weeks, but I'm looking forward to winter and our new fireplace too.

  4. Hey Lisa...i nominated you for a versatile blogger award on my blog...yippeeeee XX