Monday, 20 June 2011

The weekend

The weather has been pretty crappy here recently but every time we venture to the cabin the sun seems to come out (I hope I'm not going to jinx this by mentioning it!) Still not warm enough in the water for anything other than a quick dip though, but soon hopefully!
My norsk course finishes on Wednesday for the summer and the fleamarket season is over til September (which Henrik is pleased about as he gets stressed about all the crap I buy!) We will take a little trip to Denmark on Friday for 3 days which I'm really looking to. Have a good week folks!
p.s Have you noticed how I'm not moaning about Norway so much these days? I seem to be getting used to this funny little country!


  1. nice to catch up with your posts has been a while for me as i have been chasing my tail (not literally)...lovely cabin shots, breakfasts & SUMMER for u. Dayle

  2. The wildflowers on the table in your little hytte remind of Summers in Norway when I was seventeen - wonderful! :)

  3. just to say found your blog via the rabbit warren that is ointerest, flipping love it. i am occasionally between norway and the Uk too and your photos get it, they really do, must stop reading and do some actual work now!

  4. Thank you for your comments ladies!
    Klara- welcome! I'm pleased you like!