Monday, 27 June 2011

I ♥ Denmark

We have had the most fantastic three days in Denmark! This included:
-Not driving on motorways so we got to see the real Denmark (the landscape really reminded me of England)
-Eating amazing food, including wonderful Danish bread (unlike Norway the food revolution has hit Denmark!)
-Visiting beautiful white sandy beaches (who knew Denmark had such beautiful clean beaches? -not me!)
-Lots of cheap shopping which we took full advantage of!
-Friendly,chatty people (lovely,lovely Danes who are not at all suspicious of outsiders unlike another Nordic country I shall not mention!)
-cheap alcohol (which of course we also took full advantage of, including packing up the car with a fair bit of it!)
-Visiting a museum full of tanks (not my idea of a good time but Henrik had a ball, esp because you were allowed to climb into them!)
-Fleamarkets dotted all over the countryside in big barns,strawberry picking and honesty boxes selling local honey,logs,plants etc

I really loved our trip to Denmark♥


  1. Glad to hear you had a good time in Denmark :-) The photos look wonderful!

  2. Looks beautiful!! Sounds like a great time. Did you rent a car or take yours. I love the honesty boxes never saw those before coming to Norway!=)

  3. Nice to see that you enjoyed visiting "my" country. While you were there, I visited yours (England).

  4. Wow! It sounds and looks great! Denmark never seemed very attractive to me. Now I'm really tempted to give it a try.
    Will be nice if you can write the places and towns you've been to :)

    (And I really had no idea that nnorwegians were not nice or chatty, all the people i met in Norge were so friendly.)

  5. Hej there, did you do any shopping in Irma? bit like waitrose for great Italian food etc. I'm from the UK now living in Denmark and really enjoy following your blog.
    God Fornøjelse!

  6. Jeg blir litt trist over at du synes nordmenn er så utrivelige:( Vet jeg ikke skal bli fornærmet, men kan ikke noe for at jeg blir det litt likevel. Vi er vel litt sjenerte og redde for å "forstyrre", kanskje. Håper landet kan gi deg et litt mer positivt inntrykk med tiden i det minste:)

    Danmark er et flott ferieland, ordentlig koselig med mye fint å kjøpe! Fine bilder:)

  7. I'm happy to see how positive you are about Denmark Lisa! :)
    I've never been to that part of my country though, but I've heard it really is beautiful. I'm especially happy to hear that you found the Danes open and friendly.

  8. Katrine- Yes, you are a friendly bunch! You must visit the north of your country, it's so lovely! We stayed in Aaborg and toured all around the north east/north west/north coast including Skagen. Lovely beaches and great ice cream with chocolate powder which I've never tasted before! YUM!

    Bente- I'm sorry if I offended you! I'm only talking about a small proportion of rude people (plenty of rudeness in my country too!) and now I can speak a bit of norwegian I'm beginning to realise that the politeness is hidden, but it's there!

    anonymous- Hi! We took our car to Denmark.

    Anonymous- No we didnt shop at IRMA this time but I have in this past and I liked it! I think we shopped at Qvickly (?) this time!

  9. i love henrik, he's like a little boy! ;)

  10. Francesca- He really is! and thats why I love him too!

  11. I have only been to Copenhagen but I'd love to explore some of the places you went. Wonderful !

  12. sounds amazing, I really want the table and chairs for my garden, just the right kind of shabby

  13. I' norwegian. And in a way
    I' m ashamed and agree with you on a lot. I like Denmark and Finland better in many ways. And Sweden is not so bad either. Still, you'll have to visit the north og Norway. We like to think we Are so open mindre and Nice to others.

  14. Har du mon været i Aalborg? Synes jeg kan genkende det.

  15. Malene- Yes, we stayed in Aaborg!