Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A bit more of Denmark

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I loved Denmark. I also love Norway.
I seem to have offended a few people with some of my opinions of Norway/norwegians.
Whenever you move to a new country you see/hear/experience things that are different to your own country/culture and they take a while to get used to. This is my blog, a space where I can rant/rave and express my opinions on my new life in Norway. It's one thing to visit a country on holiday and think the people/place are wonderful but once you move there and experience real life it can be a whole other story. I write about my experiences here, nobody elses. I do not claim that all norwegians are rude. They are not. They just do things differently and it's taken me 10 months living here and 5 months of language learning to realise this. The politeness in this country is hidden! (but if you dig deep you find it- eventually!)


  1. I agree. It's an entirely different story to move somewhere. It usually takes quite some time to actually peel away the different layers that make up a culture. Also, by doing so I believe one develops a much better understanding of one's own culture.

  2. You don't need to explain. There are stuff with norsk folk that I don't get or dive me nuts even after nearly 2 years here.
    Of course it is also depends where you came from, niceness is all relative.

  3. Lisa - I just wanted to say that I know exactly what you mean about nordmenn :D
    I am half Norwegian/English and there are glorious/hilarious/shocking cultural differences between all countries. I really do feel that I have benefitted from the cultural hodge podge that I grew up with. I love hearing about your experiences and absolutely adore your photos which remind me so much of my grandmother's house. Your loppetorv finds fill me with glee and envy! Please carry on doing exactly what you do. I love it! Stor klem, Mariex

  4. Don't get me started about the Dutch! Even though I know a lot of lovely Dutchies I have very firm opinions about them as a whole.

  5. Det er helt i orden at du skriver av deg frustrasjoner, og som du sier: dette er din private blogg og såklart skal du dele dine tanker og opplevelser uansett karakter:) Jeg mente ikke å pirke på det altså, men jeg klarte ikke å styre meg fra å skrive at jeg ble litt såret. Sånn tror jeg det er med alle folkeslag. Man blir litt såret om noen snakker stygt om det som står en nærmest, også når det er mye sant i det som sies.

    For ja, det er mye sant i det du skriver. Jeg skjemmes selv over mye "nordmenn" gjør. Mange er lite høflige i det offentlige rom og fæle til å albue seg fram - på butikken, bilveien osv. Dessuten er det en del som har nisselua litt for godt trekt nedover ansiktet slik at de ikke klarer å se at det finnes en større verden utenfor fjorder og fjell... Og ikke for å snakke om det elendige utvalget vi har i matbutikkene...ja, det er nok å ta av (men i hvilket land er det ikke det?) Uansett har "vi" nok godt av å høre det noen ganger, men generaliseringer kan såre spesielt om en ikke føler det stemmer på en selv.

    Tar lang tid å skolere vikinger:p

  6. Lisa, I am now determined to visit Denmark, starting with Copenhagen in a couple of weeks, after seeing all these cool pics! :)Also wanted to say that I'm learning so much about Norway and Norwegians in my civics course and this alone has helped me understand this country and its people so much better. Barbara even told us that most Norwegians would be more than a little hurt and sad if they ever left you with the impression that they were unfriendly or rude. Interesting viewpoints from a Brit who has been living here since the 70s! Am sure you will love her class! :)

  7. I am a Norwegian living in Copenhagen - I even lived in Britain for two years - and what can I say, sometimes immigrants/emigrants need to express the culture clashes :)
    I agree completely with the politeness issue, too. Although I don't think it's intentional.
    And, glad to hear you enjoyed Denmark!