Sunday, 8 May 2011


Hello! Not been taking many pictures this week. My camera is at deaths door and my mac is teasing me with the "spinning beach ball of death" so I have tried cleaning it up a bit (getting everything from i tunes and i photo off) but that damn ball is still spinning away! Any advice?
In other news the weather here is amazing, like summer (I keep being warned by norwegians not to get too comfy in my sandals because we could still have snow!!! Nooooo!)


  1. Oh, Macs are set to destroy themselves after few years, happened to every single one I had. So annoying. I lost a lot of music and pictures once and still don't have a good backup system, doh!

    Spoke to my mum in Poland, after 25 degrees they now have snow...

  2. lovely photos.
    fingers crossed for no more snow!
    my macbook broke on friday. it had a trip to apple (not the same problem as you) it's ok now.
    make sure you back up all you files and then re-install the original system cd to start again (it can fix alot of things).
    yes, i come from a computer nerd family :)
    it takes a while but it might help if you still have the annoying beach ball :)

  3. oh, my fingers are crossed for both you (and i) that the lovely warm weather holds! after working my tail off through the bitter NY cold these past few months, i'm finally now less than two weeks away from my trip back to Oslo! i'm definitely hoping the weather stays just as nice as it appears in all your lovely pics, but who is such a fickle thing! it actually snowed here 3 days before Easter and it seems like Norway likes to tease just as much as NY does!! ugh! fingers are crossed! =)

  4. Aaaah, ball of death. I sympathise, and know that little spinning bugger well! I usually have to 'force quit' to get rid of it. Hope you get it sorted. Bloody essentail, but so annoying when they don't function as they should.