Monday, 30 May 2011

A long Monday

Sooooo, I took norsk prøve 2 today. Hmmmm, I'm not sure how it went. There was a writing portion where I had to write about a typical week in letter form to a friend and another where I had to write a note to a neighbour about looking after my home whilst on holiday. This was not difficult.
Next I had to read (and understand) 4 different texts and answer questions with a short sentence or a one word answer. Again, not too difficult.
The difficult part was the listening task. This was a disaster! Oh my god. They spoke too fast,with difficult accents and so many words I don't yet understand.
I tried my best and whether I pass or fail I come away knowing that I have achieved something. After only 16 weeks of classes I can now speak pretty good norwegian and I have made wonderful friends on my course. You can't really ask for much more than that!


  1. Fingers crossed for you Lisa!

  2. Hei Lisa!
    I had norsk prove last year! It was ok, however I didnt pass listening part :(. Too difficult. Norwegians speak differently from this how they write. I live in Telemark regin and I speak Telemarks' Norwegian - if I go to Oslo its possible I will cry :)
    I cross my fingers for you!
    I really like your blog! Hilsen!

  3. well done lisa! you're right, pass or fail you've done briliantly. it's wonderful to be able to speak another language and will help with settling in even more i'm sure. not fair that they spoke so fast with a different accent. booo. x

  4. Karen- Thanks! Six weeks to wait for the results!

    Babka- Thank you! I can understand all the accents in England but I'm pretty sure I'll never get to grips with all the norwegian accents! Så vanskelig!

    Francesca-Thanks! It does feel pretty good to be speaking a new language at my (old!) age!

  5. best of luck to you ;)
    it's great that you are learning norwegian, and the added bonus is that you can communicate with swedes and danes plus the odd faroese girl ;)

  6. Lisa - Just catching up on your blog posts and just wanted to say that I love your photos and your comments on your experiences. I am half English and half Norwegian, currently living in the UK and have never lived in Norway but your comments make me laugh because they remind me of my dealings with my family. Good luck on your exam and I hope it all goes well.
    Klem og hilse,


  7. Marie- Thank you! I'm happy you like my blog!