Tuesday, 31 May 2011

After my speaking test tomorrow I shall "slapp av" (relax)
I got some super cheap plane tickets for one kroner (about 12p!) so I shall pop across to jolly old England for some quality mum time and a bit of good old British shopping. I cannot wait!
(Last few pics from the cabin, Henriks favourite (odd) ice cream and the weekends fleamarket finds)


  1. After 25+ years of hating black licorice, I really like it now- even the super salty kind! And on top of ice cream...weird. If only I could decide to "pop over" and visit my family when the urge arose. Lasse and I will be going in 3 weeks and it's a 18 hour and 5,000 kr trip. England seems like it's just around the corner, in comparison. You got a steal!

  2. koselige bilder :)
    Hilsen Janne

  3. Hi,
    I stumbled across your blog whilst googling a portmeirion gravy boat I bought at a carboot sale!
    Started reading and have really enjoyed your photos, blog and passion for second hand bargains. Your photos have inspired me to keep picking up the pieces that I like on my regular trips to carboot sales and second hand shops rather than trying to deny what is clearly a genetic impulse (as I keep trying to explain to my long suffering husband).
    Just wanted to say thanks for your interesting blog.
    Joe (Exeter, Devon)

  4. Almost had a turn looking at the apple enamel pan! Hope you have a great visit "home"!!