Friday, 27 May 2011

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo for the time being but hope to be back on the ball after my exams next week. We are off to the cottage this weekend so I can cram in some last minute intense studying- no internet, no tv- just many hours of trying to get this bloody norwegian grammar in my head! (Oh, and of course I will be taking a Fleamarket break!)
God helg/ Have a good weekend folks!


  1. Have a nice weekend and good luck with the grammar!

    PS. Like your Picknik coasters :-)

  2. I just love seeing your photos. The crockery and knick knacks remind me of my grandparents old home in Sandefjord.
    Good luck with the exam! My Norwegian now is terrible!
    Hilsen, Diana

  3. Lykke til! Jeg skal tenke om deg på mandag!
    Prøven min er tirsdag!

  4. 1. I am in love with the apple board.
    2. I am in love with the balloons.
    Just wanted you to know. I have lost my blog mojo also, reading them & writing mine! I'd like it to return soon...