Sunday, 22 May 2011

I hate that I rely on technology so much. My camera is incapable of taking a picture that isn't blurry, I still have that damn spinning beachball of death taunting me and now our internet has reverted back to 1997 dial up standards. If there is one thing that infuriates me it's not having internet (Okay maybe the lack of manners in Norway annoys me more, but no internet comes a very close second!) I need Skype. I want to blog. I want to read blogs.I need to e mail.
Maybe it is a blessing in disguise. I should have my nose buried in a book getting ready for my test....
p.s Pics from a Saturday walk around Oslo. The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning the cabin (and not being on the internet)


  1. Så deilige bilder!!!

    Mitt mobilkamera er elendig og...alt blir blurry, men det er kanskje litt av sjarmen? Og med alle de kule bildeappene så blir jo det meste seende bra ut fordet ;)

    Ha en fortsatt fin søndag!

  2. Oh, can you be more specific about the Norwegians' lack of manners? :)

  3. think of it as a blessing. i get frustrated too (i'm addicted) but the other week when all the blogs were down and there was nothing new on bloglovin', the break was such a relief. x

  4. Internet is a must. Every day.