Sunday, 10 April 2011



I left henrik to sleep in this morning and went off to a few more fleamarkets on my own. I'm glad I did because I found 6 little iittala Kastehelmi glasses for a mere 2 kr each (thats about 23p!) There are always lots of children working behind the stalls at the fleamarkets (they mainly take place in schools) so I always ask a child cause they give you a great price!
I also found 2 lovely Stavanger Flint plates for my wall collection. Worth getting out of bed early!
The weather is beautiful and we have spent the afternoon sitting in the garden getting a bit of much needed vitamin D on our wintery faces!


  1. I have learnt so much about the various types of ceramic ware thanks to you. Good tip on asking the kids. There's a couple of flea markets I have located in my area, the Hell's Kitchen one and the Brooklyn flea market, I am synical though that I would be able to find items as unique and cute as these... American things just lack that quaintness i love. I will be attending next weekend so let's see what happen's.

    PS : its amazing how much more resilient you guys are to the cold. I mean, over at this end of the pond people don't usually shed the light weight coats even for weather in the lower sixties.

  2. I'm far too jealous of your fleamarket finds! And I really love your hipstamatic photos - mine never turn out so good... Looking forward to seeing what treasure you pick up next time! x

  3. That has to be the best find yet! I have some Kastehelmi side plates and am now lining myself up for 6 bowls... but that's £60!