Friday, 1 April 2011

Hello April

I arrived home from the norskkurs to find my lovely husband cleaning the flat which was a very nice thing to come home to. I have a good man!
We have been in Norway 7 months now. I do like it here but I prefer England.It's taken longer to adapt to this new life than I imagined. Starting again is hard but today is a new month and I'm going to try to be a bit more positive. (hmmm, we will see how long that lasts!)


  1. Oh but your living room is beyond divine! All of it's divine!

    Regardless of your difficulties in terms of adjusting, you really have made the best of your new life, I think and you're making such a good effort with your language courses and all. Which means that becoming semi-Norwegian and loving it is just around the corner, I'm sure:O)

  2. you have got the best to come now, the winter is almost forgotten x

  3. Hang in there Lisa, everything will turn out fine. Sending you a hug:)
    Sometimes it's hard to stay positive, but Im sure when spring sets in you will feel a lot better. Winter in Norway is harsh, especially when you are not use to it.
    Take care, and have a lovely weekend!


  4. Hang on in there! So far it looks as though your life in Norway is wonderful but I understand thats its hard to adjust to a whole new life.

  5. Sarah- Thank you! I hope the loving is just around the corner!

    Sneaky magpie- I'm trying to forget winter but with a foot of snow in our garden it is quite difficult!

    Stine Marie- Yes, the winter has been harsh but you are quite right about spring, I'm sure it will make me feel better (once it finally gets here!) Plus I know all the fab fleamarkets will brighten my spirits!

  6. "The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts" so I wish you a lot of positive thinking!!! Hope you can make it! Happy Spring in Norway!

  7. I think you're getting along justs fine Lisa :) Maybe more visits to Søsteren Groener will help ;)

  8. Super bear- You are just saying that so I take you with me!