Thursday, 31 March 2011

There will be days like these

Last night I needed a British dinner. Cottage Pie.I have days when Norway chews me up and spits me back out. Yesterday was one of them. I dealt with the usual lack of manners. (which I'm getting used to now and I'm over using my manners to make a point) But the best part of the day was a huge tax bill that came in the mail which was a bit of a surprise considering I've never worked a single day since arriving here! All I've done is shell out money to Norway for Family reunification and language school fees. I have not earned a damn Kroner! It's funny how I'm not in the system anywhere else in Norway but the tax man knows I'm here!!
(cute dog is our neighbour, she came down to check out the cottage pie!)

p.s It just started snowing


  1. Why in the world are they having your pay taxes?Too bad you had to pay for you norsk class, mine was free! More and more it seems like life in the city and life in the country have their ups and downs... I always make BBQ chicken when I start to feel homesick or angry with life in Norway.

    Great ceramics cabinet :)

  2. somehow u don't seem to be very lucky when it comes to paying money in norway :(
    love love love ur ceramics :)

  3. That is a darling dog. Don's days just improve by having a dog gaze at you like that?
    PS: It's snowing here, too. Booooo!
    PPS: I make cookies, and eat way too many, on days like that.

  4. Are we talking forskuddsskatt (for næringsinntekt)? If so, you can have that adjusted if you don't expect to earn much this year. You shouldn't have to fork out in taxes if you haven't earned anything.

    Sorry to hear you're finding some things hard here... Any consolation to be found in loppemarked season being upon us?

  5. Uhm...okaaaay??? I got my skattkort but I went to the police with my contract! Why would you have to pay something if you haven't even worked yet? Can't you contact someone, there must be a mistake right?

    I love the pictures, like always! :)

    Well, I basically only cook Italian and Mr.polarbear doesn't mind at all! Even though I really liked pølser i brunsaus og ggrun erter stuing! But not the Lutefisk! Brrr.

    Yeah...I can't believ it's snowing yet AGAIN!!! Darn weather!

  6. Tax bills are the worst! Sorry about the snow, hope some of our spring weather moves your way soon. And that the cottage pie gave some comfort!

  7. nooo not more snow! Cottage pie - perfect comfort food, sounds like you need it x

  8. Thank you ladies- I will be storming into the tax office first thing Monday morning!

    Janne- Yes, loppemarked season is indeed keeping me going!

    Francesca- Bra norsk! Så flink!