Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I mentioned in my last post that Henrik collected "Donald" pocket books and there was some confusion about this author "Donald Pocket" Such an author does not exist (as far as I know!) "Donald" pocket books are Henrik's favourite childhood book and like lots of other Norsk nerds Henrik likes to collect them!
Thanks for all your nice comments about my norwegian post, it feels nice to finally be able to make a bit of a break through with this tricky language (but don't worry, even once I'm fluent in norwegian, this blog will remain in english, maybe with the occasional norsk post so show off my new skills!)


  1. ah, ok. got it. that's a v sweet collection to have. nerds rock! x

  2. Donald Pocket is such a cool name tho...i'm thinking super hero with a funky suit with lots and lots of pockets on it with crazy gadgets in each one...