Tuesday, 15 March 2011

As much as I moan about Norway you can't deny that working life here is pretty cushy. Henrik often finishes work at 3.30 and is home by 4.00 so we can enjoy the longer evenings and catch the last bits of sunshine. Nice!


  1. looking gorgeous in your winter wonderland XX

  2. I recently read that there are usually no meetings after 4 in Norway because people have to be able to get their kids from the kindergarten. Here in Germany we can only dream of such a policy.

    Well, at least there are some countries in which you don't have to completely give up your private life for your career. And I can very well imagine to live there one day. :)

    That is also why I love to read your blog, I know very well how it feels to be a "stranger" in one of the nordic countries (Finland in my case) and it is interesting to follow your experiences and observations!