Friday, 25 February 2011

A snow break

I was chatting to a friend in England on Skype yesterday when she turned her laptop to show me her kids playing in the garden barefoot and wearing just pyjamas and I was so envious! Bare feet? Oh, I wish! Im still stomping around in my friggin' wellies (with 2 pairs of thermal socks under)
As fun as it is and as beautiful as it looks, I have had enough.
Thankfully we are about to have a 3 day snow break in Bergen. I just checked online and its +5c with no snow!!! Im about to go and polish my leather boots, the wellies are taking a much needed holiday! God helg!


  1. Our snow is melting! You really weren't kidding about his love affair with hot dogs...God helg!

  2. yay! have a great snow-less weekend!!! hope you really enjoy it- u deserve it lovely lady!! big love xxxxxxxxx