Thursday, 24 February 2011

My new bag from my friend, (find it here) Yesterday's food shopping and lunch whilst watching
Californication (love Hank Moody, I know he's an arse but I still love him!)
Tomorrow we are going to Bergen on a 6.5 hour train journey. I hear the scenery is stunning, not that I'll see it- Henrik booked the train at a time when it will be dark for 4.5 hours of the journey! (yes, I had a few harsh words to say on that subject) but redeemed himself by booking the whole journey home in broad daylight! Go on, Son!


  1. You have to keep rubbing my nose in that awesome teapot, don't you...

    You'll love Bergen. Even if it rains, which it will. It has so much more charm than Oslo. Have fun and take lots of touristy photos!

  2. Siri-The teapot is one of the ways I can get back at you for your family reunification coming through so quickly!

    Oh, rain is forecast for the whole weekend in Bergen, but that is the norm for Henrik and I. Every trip we take ends up with us getting soaked (I blame it on a rainy wedding day!)
    Im sure we will enjoy Bergen anyway.As my Norsk teacher tells me, Bergen is"Norge's beste by"

  3. I love the shopper Lisa. British designs are way cuter/ feminine than American one's ( which I find are too heavy on the bling / glam look).

    also...umm.. why do husbands always forget that minor attention to detail :p

    Eitherway....good that you get a day time return trip. Have a gorgeous time !

  4. a cute new bag from Liberty AND a weekend in Bergen? *sigh* two of my absolute favorites...lucky girl! have fun!

  5. Oh i love Hank Moody too! Love the Liberty print bag as well.

  6. Ooh, lunch looks rather virtuous! And I must get me one of those bags. Liberty used to be my home from home, but I've not even seen the new stationery room yet!!!

  7. Karen- yes, a virtuous lunch indeed (I did not photograph the 7 ginger biscuits I dipped in my tea afterwards!)