Sunday, 6 February 2011

Oh lord. What a day!
We took a trip to Sweden, my little car died (but not before I'd had chance to buy a few things in the iittala outlet store!) but we were saved by my AA European cover. Phew! They towed our car, paid for our taxi to the nearest town and a hire car to get us back to Norway. The best £150 I have ever spent.
My car is now somewhere in Sweden and I'm crossing my fingers it's gonna be ok. That little car is my freedom!


  1. Iittala outlet store?? I want to go to there!

    How stressful, though! I hate car break-downs!

  2. those pots are amazing! you are a lucky lucky girl. hope your little car makes it home ok. x

  3. wow what a day! i want to visit the littala outlet shop too, lucky you but not the car break down....i have some small littala water drinking glasses that once were a set of 6 and now are a pathetic 2! they are about $20 aus each glass!

  4. what a pretty pot!

    good luck with the car Lisa

  5. Oh no! Hope ur little british car comes back safe and sound!!! Xxxxx

  6. What a story! Is your little car back yet?
    It was a real "outlet"- survival! But wow what a great caseroles. Did you bought them in the outlet?
    Last summer we had a holiday in Sweden and on 5 mintutes walk from our camping there was a big littala outlet as well. It was a big suprprise for me. I bought a whole range new forks,knives and spoons for allmost nothing sooo cheap. I bought a lot of China for my friends in the Netherlands.
    You are a lucky girl!

  7. yes..littala outlet store? OMG! where??????? *dåån*

  8. Ooh, ooh, ooh... LOVE the pot!!!