Monday, 7 February 2011


Just found out my car will be ready to pick up in Sweden on Wednesday which I'm relieved about. Is it silly to be so attached to my car? I could not sleep last night worrying about it/the cost to fix it! So on Wednesday we will head off to Sweden to return the freaky hybrid rental and pick up our old pal!


  1. There's nothing strange about loving your car, as i feel the same. It would be debilitating to live without it even for a day. Kudos to you however for driving so confidently in that weather. I'm in New York and am a nervous wreck when driving on icy slick streets (having our babies in the back seat definitely puts the pressure on).

  2. The cost of replacing a car is a small fortune in Norway, so no, it's not silly to worry about your beloved car!

  3. Better to break down in Sweden than Norway, it will only cost half as much to fix it!!

    They have a pretty good reputation too. We know lots of people who service their cars in Sweden, go shopping, food wine etc, pick up the car and head on back to Norway.

    Our old Saab is way too old for 'proper' servicing, so we rely on our Swedish 'mule' who comes to Norway to work every week!

    Stay well