Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My norwegian classes have stepped up a notch and whilst I feel like I'm really taking it all in now it has got me feeling so wiped out. By the end of each lesson I feel as though my brain is about to explode! Henrik and I are speaking a lot of norwegian at home which is really helping. Maybe I will be able to learn this language after all!
I planted some bulbs this evening but can I put them outside yet? It's -6c during the day and -18c during the night. They will die, right?


  1. hi, I read your blog but never dare to leave a comment... those bulbs have to wait until, at least, april! normally they wait to put them out (are they "påskeblomster" or tulips?) until easter (if is "warm" enough, but this year is a late easter) or right before may 17th...

    about the language... I lived here for a semester before I started norwegian classes and I felt that I wan't learning anything! Plus a lot of people was so critic with my way of talking "you said wrong ONE æ in a text of 200 words" or "you should talk the local dialect" (I live in Bergen, married to a "dialect family" and learned in the begynning the "østland dialekt") that for a long time I simple refuse learning or speaking norwegian. But one day (jejeje THAT day) suddenly something "click" and I was speaking "norsk"... that was some years ago though and now I've lived 16 months in USA and thought that i'd have forgotten my norwegian, but no... still there... what I want to say with that (once I started writing I can't stop) is that it may seem extremely difficult sometimes, maybe you'll feel that you are not learning all what you want to learn and other times like your head is going to explode (have you had problems with "på og i"?) but the norwegian is there, and you are going to know it and use it when you need it :D

    ønsker deg lykke til ;)


  2. i've killed every plant i've ever bought so i can't help you there i'm afraid. glad norwegian is sinking in, it's great you're speaking it at home, you'll learn how to speak it conversationally which is more fun.