Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I was chatting to a British guy yesterday at my school and he mentioned he is really struggling
with norwegian food. He complained about the lack of British food here. What does he expect? As far as I can see Norway only really wants to sell norwegian made products (in the mainstream supermarkets anyway) You can find many foreign foods but you need small independent shops (always run by immigrants) where they sell fresh fruit and veg that actually tastes of something (Im not really feeling the poly-tunnel grown norwegian tomatoes and cucumbers!) I told him he needed to learn to cook and then he can make British food to his hearts content (but then lost the will to live when he told me he had been living on Pot Noodles stashed away in his suitcase!)
A lost cause, I think!


  1. No hope for him if his idea of good British food is a pot noodle!

  2. I hate when Poles living in UK complain about 'the horrible British food', nothing stopping them getting the ingredients and cooking exactly the same things as at home. Makes my blood boil.

    Pot Noodle diet, nice......

  3. I don't think anyone can go to a foreign country and expect to find same things as at home..

    When we lived in California, I missed good bread and good chocolate. Both pretty essential I think. Now that we're here in Finland, my husband misses his own things too.. but does a pretty good job getting by, and does not complain. He's a really good cook anyway, so he will make his American breakfast if he wants to :)

  4. he obviously lacks all creativity :) I really missed hummus when I lived in Norway, they didn't seem to sell it at all