Monday, 31 January 2011

Goodbye to January

Still loads of snow on the ground. Im dying to take off the damn wellies I've had to wear since November 26th and burn the bloody things and slip on a pair of nice shoes and walk on soft, green grass. Will the snow ever melt? In some places it is piled up almost 7 feet tall. It feels never ending (and more is forecast this week)
This weekend we had coffee at the lovely Laundromat Cafe in Oslo (I want to steal all their lamps/lights) ate fluffy pancakes at home and walked miles discovering lots of new places.
This weekend I loved Norway......


  1. i like the phones on the wall @ the cafe! Dayle

  2. Love the wallpaper in the cafe! I wonder if you can tell me how you get the lovely painted effect on your post photos. Many thanks

  3. Hi Grace & Judy! The pictures were taken with the Hipstamatic app on the i phone!