Thursday, 11 November 2010


It was sooooo cold yesterday and when I just looked out at my window thermometer this morning it read -8c!!!! I have new long johns to wear under my jeans but I hate being all bundled up like that!
See the little Rorstrand bowl above? Well, at the Fleamarket on Saturday I asked how much it was (in English) the seller discussed the price quietly in Norwegian with someone else when I heard them say(in Norwegian) that I was English so they would charge me £8, I said "no thanks" and then sent Henrik over to ask the price (in Norwegian) and they told him it was £1!!!! Xenophobia, me thinks!!! Its not the first time I have experienced crap like this since moving to Norway, just earlier that day I argued with a man over a parking space and he told me (in English) "Shooo,Shooo, get out of Norway!" Ho,hum, at least I got the bowl for £1!!!!


  1. Just ran across your blog in the Expat Blog directory. Your photos really do offer little glimpses of life.

  2. How rude! I suppose every country has it's fair share of ignorant people!
    lovely pics!

  3. Love the paper muffin cases.

    Wow, it's so cold there, glad it's only pouring with rain and storm winds here! xx

  4. Yikes!
    That is so mean!
    Haven't had those experiences, but I keep expecting my dog to misbehave and to get yelled at in Norwegian by a local.
    In fact, I've even practiced saying "Kan du rope saktere så jeg kan forstår deg?" (can you shout more slowly so i can understand you), as a way of defusing the situation.

  5. i love your pictures - and i love the frozen lake. looks so beautiful!