Thursday, 15 April 2010


I stayed over at a friends house who has cats(thats Sid above, isn't she cute?) last night, and today Im wheezing like a trooper only to discover that it may not be my cat allergy but all the volcanic ash sitting over England from Iceland's recent eruption, so now Im on the sofa clutching my inhaler and having a marathon session of Greys Anatomy!


  1. wasn't it weird not seeing any planes in the sky today? so quiet! hope you're feeling better (which reminds me I have to get an inhaler from my GP pronto - although I have really mild asthma so I didn't feel it today)!

    and btw; sid? gorgeous!!!

  2. Wooa, excellent collection of cups and pots here...
    Love every post here in your blog, and look forward to see more.