Friday, 16 April 2010

Thursday eve

Henrik loves history and war so it was hard to refuse when he took over my little desk area to build a tank and some soldiers! Bless him, beavering away painting his soldiers (in the meantime I have been relagated to the dining table, but thats ok!)


  1. hee hee men are so funny aren't they?!
    So glad to find your blog, its absolutely lovely and I'm so jealous of your sewing boxes, I've been after one of those for ages!!
    I'm going to put your blog link on my page now x

  2. Fantastic photography yet again. Loved the top shot. You are so talented. I think you should give up the day job and work on the photog.

    We are stranded in Budapest, next available flight on Thursday, so won't see you this week.


  3. Artemis- Yes, they are funny creatures,men! I got my sewing boxes from Kempton (the small one) and the big one from a car boot sale. I love them, even though I dont sew! The small one was crammed full with old sewing stuff too!