Thursday, 16 April 2009

Cute Norwegian houses

I love all the colourful wooden houses in Norway.
The bigger yellow house is Lars and Unni's (henriks folks) place
and the little yellow cottage is ours.The other houses I just saw whilst
wandering around, they remind me of the houses at the beginning of the
film, "The Witches", then again I actually think that was filmed in Norway...


  1. thanks for your comment lisa (or henrik!). i'm so in love with these houses. is it your cottage right on the water? stunning. i'd love to go to go to norway - we made it to denmark and sweden last time.

  2. Yes, Francesca, the last pic on the water. You should go to Norway, its a wonderful country. There is still so much of it I need to see (two weeks in the summer will help!)