Thursday, 27 December 2012

We are back from England and enjoying the gorgeous weather,fresh snow,long walks and trying to detox after all the crap eaten over the last few days :)
I love these lazy days between christmas and new year.....


  1. wow, those photos look magical! happy new year!

  2. Love the bulbs in beakers. I like them best at that stage!
    Also I was wondering about your coat....we like to holiday in the cold and are off to Iceland in Feb. I want a really warm coat, I am sick of the cold seeping in after 20 minutes in the cold. Could you recommend a brand? And a silly question but are there any that aren't mega expensive? Happy new year to you :) Nick x

    1. I like them best too at that stage (I hate that they just bend and snap once they flower!)
      I'd highly recommend my coat, it's from Woolrich and it's super warm (a little too warm!) It was expensive though but I hear SVEA also do a nice warm coat which is a little bit cheaper than Woolrich. Canada Goose is also a good brand for a super warm coat. Just be careful with all these coats as they are so many fakes online, with websites that look genuine.
      Happy new year to you and enjoy Iceland!

    2. Thank you! Will get looking :)