Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hello June

Some left over photo's from Sweden which I just rescued from the trash on Henrik's laptop (naughty,naughty man for throwing them out in the first place!)
Do you know I have been sharing his laptop for 6 months now? We are both only children so neither of us are that keen on sharing but since my computer died it's what we've been doing. At first I hated not having my own but between the i-pad,i-phone and mac book we are coping! I need to treat myself soon to a lovely shiny new mac (although I do feel the quality of the mac has gone down in recent years and they seem to have a much shorter life. Or maybe I just treat them badly!)


  1. Oooh these photos should definitely not have been in the trash! lovely!

    We had a recent bout of sharing computers when Dan’s Macbook Pro died. I hated it! I agree, Macs definitely don’t last like they used too. I have an i-Mac, which I have had for almost 2 years now, and even now it’s doing some strange things and I don’t feel like it functions as it should. So costly! Dan now has a new Macbook Pro, which is great, but we still get the spinning beach ball of death showing its face too often.
    Hope you get sorted soon - glad you’re coping with various other Apple technological devices! x

    1. Damn that blasted spinning beachball! I get so stressed when it's been spinning for a while!