Sunday, 22 April 2012

The weekend

This weekend has been all about cleaning, tidying, sorting, washing, throwing stuff out and general spring cleaning. Our flat felt pretty horrid after a long winter of just shoving things away into various cupboards. Now everything has a home, its own box. Feels good.
In between the cleaning a few fleamarkets were visited but seeing as we were on a cleaning bonanza I tried not to buy too much (but could not resist yet another enamel kettle and a log holder which I'm using to hold my trays)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It's now sofa lounging time in our home with yoghurt cake and Homeland.


  1. so lovely! Wish our house would ever look so stylish, cosy and tidy :-)

  2. always so good to organise. cannot stand mess! love your tray collection! x

  3. A good clearout is always so cathartic. I am totally in love with your storage jars!

  4. Wow you've got some