Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter

We are off to England tonight. Yippeeee.
I need to bring back clipper tea, marmite,cadbury mini eggs (and many other things on my long list)

Happy Easter/God Påske everyone!


  1. It all looks lovely and seeing your cabin made me smile as it was lovely being there with you. Have a very happy Easter and hope to catch up with you very soon x x

  2. I've only discovered your blog today. Am really enjoying reading it. I love Marmite too and can buy it in Canada where I live now. I love your photography.
    I could always send you a container of Marmite by post if you wish.

  3. Hi Diana- That's really sweet of you about the Marmite! Luckily I return to England about 6 times a year so I'm able to pick up Marmite then (it's banned in Scandinavia!)
    Thanks again for the offer!