Saturday, 10 December 2011

We have butter! We shopped in Sweden last weekend and managed to track down 3 packs of the creamy goodness! Insane that the butter shortage still continues here.... Norway is a strange,strange land. People are now selling butter on (a kind of norsk e bay) for 250kr (£27) per pack!
I'm off to England on Wednesday to stay with my best friend, do some christmas shopping and become blonde again (I'm not a fan of my natural dishwater blonde!) I can't wait!
God Helg!


  1. Norwegians are stupid. Hahahah!!
    Have a nice christmas holiday.

    Hugs from us!

  2. Janne- Thank you! Have a lovely christmas too!

  3. You are lucky you are so close to Sweden to be able to go there. Im on the west coast and sure wish I could find butter too. Well, we did find one small one but that won't be much in this Christmas season time. dd