Sunday, 27 November 2011

The weekend

I've been battling a crappy cold, aching body and sore throat for the last three days, so much of the weekend has been spent sleeping and watching the amazing series, "Breaking Bad" but late on Saturday afternoon we ventured out to the christmas market at Bærums Verk to get some christmas cheer (plus a delicious elk burger)
Winter seems to have gone away again and we are having lovely, mild weather compared to freezing temps and snow this time last year. Many people here are moaning cause they are keen to ski but I had enough snow last year to last me a lifetime so I'm more than thrilled with this mild November.
On another note, Norway has run out of butter just in time for christmas. There is not a pack of butter to be found in any supermarket which for me proves that it is ridiculous to have only one butter producing company in this entire country! It's about time Norway imported some decent butter from other countries..... (and just some good food in general!)


  1. This looks so nice - i'd feel like a little child :)

  2. Hi Lisa! I haven't really had time for reading blogs in ages but now I finally had a catch up here. So I just wanted to say congratulations on your new job! That's great - even though it's tough, but I'm sure you'll manage!
    Keep going! ;)

  3. Lovely pictures :-)
    Amazing isn't it - no butter! Apparently it is due to the no/low carb fad in this country, would you believe it.
    But I found some Tine Smør the other day, in our local corner shop, so I bought a few packs. My favourite in the UK is Lurpak, but think it might be Danish?
    Have a lovely week, and hope you feel better soon.
    Love, Solvi

  4. It looks so cosy and Christmasy (nice to have some mild weather before it all kicks off eh)?! I keep meaning to comment and congratulate you on your new job. Excellent news. I can’t believe there’s no butter though. Rubbish!

  5. oh lol about the butter, really? Lurpak comes from not too far away!

  6. Hold da op - Norwegian winter looks extremely cosy!

  7. Lovely pictures Lisa, they make me feel like leaving south europe and have a winter holyday over there... even without butter :-) or maybe I could stop by in Denmark for some delicious Lurpak (salted butter is the best)

  8. Katrine & Kerry- Thanks for the congrats on the job!