Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hello October

How on earth is it October already? Only 11 weeks til christmas!
So, I've just finished my first full week in the norwegian workplace (unpaid,of course!) and I had a fantastic week! I was scared witless on Monday and could barely breathe as I walked into the barnehage that morning but I really had no need to be so afraid as I was welcomed with open arms! I have learned so much norwegian this week and got over my fear of talking to kids. All the staff have been so kind to me,answering all my questions, joking about the many mistakes I make and just helping me in general. I got lucky with this barnehage! They even offered me a vikar (temp,stand in) position for January. It's only 5 weeks but it's a start (and will be my first paid job in Norway!)
Next week I'll work with the older kids (5-6) which I'm also pretty scared about as they ask so many questions. I will cope though!
p.s Like most of Europe we are having amazing weather at the moment. Thick fog in the morning followed by warm,sunny days. Lovely.
Enjoy the weekend folks!


  1. Well done :)
    I like the picture with the dog.

  2. Yay for summer in october!! :)

  3. You just reminded me that when I started norskkurs, the teacher said we will have a 'vikar' the next day. And I didn't understand why a vicar is coming to teach us? Then I figured it is probably the name of the teacher who will come... My husband laughed at me so much when I told him! I feel like an idiot now that I think about it.

    So good to read everything goes well for you! Well done! :)

    I'm really disappointed with the weather today. The whole week its been said it will be amazing weather this weekend, and look outside now... sigh.

  4. Glad your first week went so well! That's so encouraging! Well done.

  5. congratulations! that's great! love the pictures too. it's funny because my husband and I have been thinking about leaving Greece permanently and we have friends in Denmark so we have been considering a move- what's stopping us is the language barrier. glad to hear another English speaking friend is making it work in a foreign country! so encouraging... we're both teachers here!

  6. Well done, that's very impressive Lisa!

  7. I just found you're blog, and I'm really happy I did! It's really interesting reading about someone's thoughts about moving to Norway being a scandinavian myself! :) Have a wonderful evening!

  8. Hurra !!!
    Thats so cool!! Congrats!!