Monday, 5 September 2011

A new season

Autumn is here (which I'm not ready for!) which also means that fleamarket season is back (which I am ready for!) and this season got off to a great start! Being at the cabin (and therefore being even further away from Oslo) means that the fleamarkets are even cheaper and there are less people! woo hoo!
There are not many more weekends that we can visit the cabin now, maybe only four as it's not winter proof, we already need a extra duvet and woolen socks and the fjord is too chilly to swim in.


  1. I bet you can find much nicer stuff in loppemarkeds outside Oslo. I'm jealous!
    I was looking forward this season, but so far the lists of schools dosent look promising. Good luck and hope you find many great stuff :)

  2. Hope you find lots great stuff in the loppemarkeds. Here in Oslo the list for this season isnt very promising.